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There is red bumps like goosebumps all over my back and stomache area any ideas?? please help

Posted by Travis_anderson29

My boyfriend is 18 years old and last week he started out with this one red bump on his butt and thought it was a bug bite or something but a few days later it turned into a big red puffed out rash looking thing about the size of a little cookie then later it moved up to his side of his stomach and then to his upper arm and armpit area. Now there are little red bumps that look just like goosebumps but are red rashy looking, and it hurts when you touch it or push on them but it also itches really bad these are all over his back, stomach and side of his stomache and a little on his upper arm.. he has no allergies to anything and has had the chicken pox already. If someone knows what this is and how to get rid of it please help me!! desperate!!
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