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the top of my feet get itchy and swollen in the winter. what foot infection do i have?

Posted by itchy feet

the top of my feet only itches in the winter. by spring the itching goes away and recur again in winter. it mainly itches on top of my toes but has now spread to the bottom of my toes as well. the area where the itching occurs sometimes looks reddish and swollen, other times they look like dark purplish bruises. the itchy areas are senitive to the touch and sometimes painful. the colder the winter, the worst the itching and swelling.
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The simple fact that you probably wear thicker socks + enclosed warmer footwear in winter can increase your suceptibility to a fungal infection.  Other possible causes should be ruled out e.g raynauds phenomenon.  Seek advice from a Podiatrist

I have the same problem. Doctors have ruled out fungus/athlete's foot and I tend to go barefoot whenever possible because it is worse when my feet get hot. It has been a constant winter  cycle for about 5 year. The itch/swelling can be excruciating. It makes me want to move to a warmer climate. My pharmacist suggested diabetes. Please let me know if you have any answers I have been to several doctors to no avail! The only relief is soaking in cold water and then foot elevation. But I would like to know the cause.
I have the same problem since 4 years, I also feel tingling sensation and feel like stepping on needles when I walk. HAve you found relief??
almost 4 years ago when i had the same irritating condition, and like you guys, winter is the worse season for my itchy feet. It is so itchy especially when bedtime and worsen in the middle of my sleep. I tried soaking my feet in the hot water with salt, also i did with COLD water. It helps and i didn't had the urge to scratch for 15-20 minutes but after that i am so helpless asking help from my husband. But 3 days ago, he told me the reason why the itcheness just happens on winter time (because the weather, it dries the skin easy and constantly leads to dry skin..which is true) he grabbed vaseline petroluem jelly and coated my foot and put cotton socks on. (make sure your footh is clean and dry) Since then i slept without scratching my foot AT ALL. HOPE this one helps.
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