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The left side of my upper lip is extremely swollen, it's been over 24 hours! I am freaking out, I don't know what to do! Help me

Posted by colettepjil2000

The day before yesterday, I noticed a small pimple under my left nostril and tried to pop it. I couldn't it was painful, and i left it alone.  The next morning I awoke with the left side of my upper lip very swollen.  I iced it before work, came home and iced it again. When I woke up this morning it was even bigger.  I am completely freaking out.  This is my only symptom.  I don't know what else to do, and I really can't afford any hige medical bills, thats why I haven't gone to the doctor. That, and the fact that I fully expected to wake up this morning to my normal lips.

My last doctors, visit was last year, I don't have any STD's. (I read online that lip swelling is a herepes symptom)  I don't know of any allergies I might have.  I have never had a reaction like this in my life EVER. The night before I woke up like this, the night I tried to squeeze the pimple, I ate cabbage and chicken, nothing unusual, and I don't feel ill.  The pimple is much larger now, and now has a white head on it and it red around the edges from irratation.  I iced it and my lip for quite awhile yesterday. I'm freaking out right now, I could cry, I look like I have a tumor in my face!

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