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The Case of Adult Acne: Getting to the Solution

Posted Aug 27 2010 9:38am

It’s been a while since I’ve written real content here on Mythbuster Beauty, and there has been a really DARN good reason why.

In short, my life took a detour. Nobody died, just things got rearranged – a divorce, starting back at full-time work, and a move. And, I am still here and still passionate about the beauty industry. Along with these changes, my anxiety and stress levels have soared, and my skin has definitely taken a hit. I started breaking out more and more, and the anxiety triggered some of my prior, picking habits. I have been getting super discouraged about it, having not just one or two, but continual breakouts around my jaw and chin and cheeks. This type of breakout is generally termed “hormonal” or “adult acne,” and although I have read a TON about the treatments of acne, wasn’t finding relief.

So, I have been experimenting with a lot of different solutions. Thinking back at times that my skin has done its best and what worked during that time, and what other things might be contributing to my acne. I also consulted with my personal doctor, and through the web on health, dermatological, and homeopathic sites. There is much to cover, but to get started, I would recommend writing down a list to help target the triggers and issues that may be associated with your acne.

Step #1:  Assemble a List

Lifestyle (Habits, Health, Stress, Skin Care Routine)

Diet (Sugar Intake,  Dairy, Gluten, Vegetarian, Fiber)

Daily Caffeine Consumption



Household Products/ Detergents

Skin Care Products – Regimen


So, if you are serious about getting to the real solution for your breakouts, make your list. I would also love to hear from you about your experiences and discoveries. In the coming weeks, I will share some of my trial and error experiences while my ongoing battle of adult blemishes continues.

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