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The Best Way To Clear A Sudden Acne Breakout

Posted Nov 03 2008 1:21pm

Fran in London Phew! Thankfully I’ve recovered from my London skin breakout. I recently spent ten days in London and experienced the worst breakout I’ve had in six months.

I’m now convinced my breakout was due to the high levels of pollution in London because my bad skin coincided so perfectly with the time I arrived and the time I left London.

Fran in Brussels And to prove my theory even more, my next stop after I left London was Brussels (the city of chocolate heaven), so the amount of Belgium chocolate I was eating in Brussels should have kept my skin bad or made it worse. But my skin began to clear up in Brussels despite the extra sugar I was consuming.

How to clear a sudden acne breakout

After clearing my skin so quickly after my breakout in London, I’m now confident that I’ve devised the best emergency plan for small breakouts.

These steps will work especially well if your skin is usually clear or your acne is only mild, and you experience a temperamental breakout like I did in London. Please keep in mind however that everyone’s skin is different, so even though I’m confident these steps will work well for most of us, there are always exceptions of course where the skin doesn’t respond in quite the same way.

This solution will also work the best for small pimples, clogged pores and inflammations. If you’ve had a sudden cystic acne breakout then you’re better off taking a more holistic approach. These steps will help, but are unlikely to clear your cystic acne as well as the milder forms of acne.

Step 1 - Don’t forget to wash your face twice a day

Weather or not your acne breakout is due to dirt or pollution, you still want to make sure you face and your pores are clean of toxins and pollutants. This means washing your face twice a day - morning and evening.

I’ve experimented with washing my face more or less than twice a day and heave learned that twice is just perfect. If you wash your face more than that, then you’re risking stressing and drying your skin out with over washing. Any less than that and the dirt and pollutants can build up.

It’s also important to use a gentle product when cleansing your face. Preferably something natural and preferably something that’s made for sensitive skin. Avoid anything with comedogenic ingredients and ingredients that you’re in any way allergic to (if you’re allergic to bees for example, avoid all products that contain honey and honey by-products).

My current favorite cleanser is Philosophies Purity Made Simple.

Step 2 - Use an anti-bacterial moisturizer

Even natural anti-bacterials can be drying to the skin, so I prefer to use a moisturizer that contains a natural anti-bacterial in the ingredients.

Applying some form of anti-bacterial is essential to clearing your breakout. An inflammation is an infection, so the anti-bacterial will help heal the infection on your skin. In step three we’ll be deep clearing out our pores, so the anti-bacterial is also essential to ensure no toxins and bacteria enter the pores as they’re being encouraged to purge out.

My current favorite moisturizer is Bee Yummy Skinfood, it contains honey as the anti-bacterial. If you’re allergic to honey, try Banalasta day hydrating cream that contains eucalyptus oil, or visit your local health store to see what’s locally available.

Step 3 - Use a deep pore exfoliator on your troubled areas

It’s not necessary to use the deep pore exfoliator over your entire face. I use it just on my troubled areas with great success. This also ensures minimal irritation to the skin, because salicylic acid products can be quite drying.

And I never use a deep pore exfoliant twice a day. The maximum I’ll use it is once a day - at night. Once a day is enough to clear my skin after a few days without causing any irritation.

I will use the exfoliant nightly until my skin has almost cleared. I’ll then skip a night to give my skin a break and see how it’s doing the next day. If my skin is still a bit spotty I’ll apply the exfoliant for a couple more days.

Just make sure you use the least amount possible. You want to support your skin to heal in its own time. You don’t want to rush and stress your skin out.

My current favorite deep pore exfoliant is Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Gel

Step 4 - Don’t pick!

I know I talk about this a lot and it’s difficult to change your habit on spot picking, but it’s SOOO important. Even just with this last breakout in London that I had, I couldn’t stop myself and picked two of them. Of course this made the spots stand out with a very red and irritated appearance. And they took a lot longer to heal than the others. The spots that were left alone healed a lot faster and left a much smaller hyperpigmentation scar.

Step 5 - Be patient with your hyperpigmentation scars

It’s easy to freak out once your pimples are healed and to start worrying about the little red or brown marks they leave behind. Please don’t. These marks are a natural healing process of the skin. Kind of like if you scratch yourself and it bleeds, it will leave a small red or brown mark on the skin after the scab falls off. Time will heal these scars and you must be patient! If you star mucking around with your skin too much to encourage the scars to heal faster, then you’re risking causing another breakout.

There are of course “safe” things you can do to help encourage your hyperpigmentation scars to heal faster. I have threads in my forum about this very topic, so if you’re interested take a look.

How long does it take for the skin to heal?

This plan always works for me within a week. Often it will only take 3-4 days to completely clear my skin. The hyperpigmentation scars of course take a lot longer to heal, averaging 1-4 weeks depending on the size of the pimple and whether or not I picked it.

This is my plan and I swear it works really well. If you’ve got a different plan that you think is just as good if not better, I’d love to hear about it :)

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