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The Best Ever Natural Cleansing Scrub For All Skin Types

Posted Feb 24 2009 9:41pm

almond rose cleansing scrub The problem with opening an online store is that I’m now collecting a lot products that I love and feel I can no longer live without. So you can just imagine next time I go traveling how big my cosmetics bag is going to be!

This Almond Rose Cleansing Scrub from Third Stone Botanicals is one of my new favorite products. I mix it in with my cleanser as an exfoliant. It’s all natural and full of loads of good stuff so I’m healing my skin while I’m exfoliating which is awesome.

I now sell this scrub in my online store, so you can get your own here. And of course in true style of my blog, here’s a video I recorded about it-

When I first used the scrub I tried mixing it with just water, but found it a little too drying on my skin. So I made a mix with my cleanser instead and then it was perfect. If you have oily skin then mixing it with water should be fine.

What I don’t like about this product is how I have to make a paste with water or cleanser before I use it (it comes in a powder form). I’m really lazy so I love to just grab a product while I’m in the shower. You can make the mix up while you’re in the shower (and err, yes I have done this before), but you absolutely don’t want to get any water in the jar because it will ruin the product for future use. Really, I just need to stop being so lazy.

What I love about this product is how it’s gentle enough to use every day as a cleansing scrub. Most scrubs and exfoliants are quite harsh so I wouldn’t normally use them more than 3 times a week, but this one is soft enough to use every day if you want to. And as I mentioned before, the healing ingredients are a huge bonus. It’s not often that I find a product that contains zeolite and brown rice flour!

–> Visit my store to get your own Almond Rose Cleansing Scrub

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