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The Best Ever Eye Mask To Help You Sleep

Posted Oct 25 2010 2:48am

As you probably know, I’ve just returned from an epic two month trip to the United States. Traveling can mean uncomfortable sleeping arrangements so I travel with a few sets of ear plugs and an eye mask because I always end up needing them multiple times. This trip I made sure I bought the roles royce of eye masks and OMG this little treasure of an eye mask ended up being the most valuable item of luggage that I carried around with me.

I’ve used all types of eyes masks in the past, some okay and some terrible. The main problem is my nose is not one of those cute little button noses that girls have. Mine is more of a grown up woman’s size nose which means little peep holes sometimes appear on the bottom of the mask which lets the light in. I also seem to have a weird shaped narrow head because I never seem to be able to get the eye mask on tight enough.

But this little beauty solved all of those problems. The Dream Essentials eye masks have an extra padded bar on the bottom of the mask which somehow stops those little peep light holes from creeping in. This means it truly does block out 100% of the light. At times I’ve actually thought it was the middle of the night until I’ve taken the mask off and realized that the sun is shining!

And the strap at the back means I can velcro it onto my head super tight, so no more struggling with keeping the mask on. But the very BEST thing about my mask is the aromatherapy pocket – a feature that I love, love, love!!!

Dream Essentials has a few types of masks. The one I’ve been using is called the Dream Essence which features a pocket in the front for an aromatherapy sachet. The sachet that came with the mask is lavender which helps aid relaxation and sleep. The position on the mask means you can smell it while the mask is on. I loved smelling the lavender and it really did help me sleep. Sometimes I’d even wear the eye mask when I didn’t need it to block out light, just so I could fall asleep smelling the lavender.

But if you don’t care for an aromatherapy pocket, my next choice would be the organic mask which is made out of certified organic cotton and wool. Either way these masks are excellent. I’ve tried many different types and this one ticks all the boxes and more!

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