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The Beautiful Life Lesson I Learned From My Happy Little Six Year Old Neighbor

Posted Nov 26 2009 10:00pm

kids yoga I was out in the yard watering my veggie garden yesterday afternoon when a cute little head popped out of the neighbors window next door and asked if they could come over to play. My neighbor is this beautiful little six year old girl called Nina who has an equally beautiful hippy-ish mum who occasionally pops over to help me with my gardens.

So Nina came over to play. We watered the gardens together and tasted all the herbs I’m growing. Then we pulled a rug onto the lawn to do some kids yoga, acrobatics and play games.

To me children are little rays of sunshine. They have huge loving hearts, are exceptionally creative and love to play … and I feel we can learn an awful lot from them.

I’ve very recently noticed a pattern with the relationships I get myself into. A large portion of the close friends and lovers that I’ve had over the last 10 years have been very playful and childlike. I realize now that this is most likely a pattern that’s been brought on by being too “grown up” and not playing up enough myself. So I’ve decided that I need to have more fun with life, stop taking it so seriously and learn to play up and laugh more just like children do.

Part of me feels that we lose some of our spark as we get older. It’s almost like that playfulness in us gets shut down because we get taught that we have to go to school, and we have to go to school to get a job, and we have to get a job to earn money to buy a house and pay our medical bills and live the “dream” that we’re told is what we want out of life.

And all of this serious stuff turns us into really boring grown ups and we forget how much fun we had as a child, rolling around in the grass, climbing trees, dancing, laughing and just feeling okay to express ourself creatively in whatever way we wish.

So I’ve decided to become more playful from now on. I’m going to try and snap out of my grown up “seriousness” and learn to just have fun with it all! And you know what? I’m absolutely certain that play and learning from children is a one of the little keys to living a happier and more fulfilling life. Because who wouldn’t want to chase “happiness”? :)

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