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tenderness under armpit and sensitive skin down back of arm

Posted by gemgem

i have tenderness under my right armpit and the skin that runs down the back of my arm is very sore to touch, not so much preassure on it, just friction. Im also 37 weeks pregnant, not sure if this is relevant though!
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I have exactly the same symptoms but with a couple of differences. I am 64 years old and male! I cannot find a solution although it does cure itself after a week or two. Its an uncomfortable condirion, particularly the underarm area. I use baby talc to stop it chafing which helps a little. I have been unable to find any solution on the internet, most questions remaining unanswered, as was yours gemgem.  Perhaps we should start a self-help group? There might be thousands like us!  Keep smiling, Dolphin Tom.

I have found that using 'after-sun' treatment helps a lot. It removes the heat at once and the relief lasts a good while. Then re-apply, especially before bed. You have to stop using deodorant until the condition clears so you might have to wash during the day. If you do re-aaply the after-sun lotion. Good Luck. Dolphin Tom
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