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Tattoo Removal Tips

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:49pm
TRACEE , HAS TATTOO: When I felt like I didn't need it any more, when I sort of recovered from everything that I had been going through, I felt the need to not have this thing on my back.

JEFFREY L. RAND, MD, TATTOO REMOVAL CENTER: We're able to take light, in the form of laser beams, send it through the top layers of the skin without any absorption or burning of that first layer and send it down to the middle layer and have it absorbed almost exclusively by the tattoo ink.

ANNOUNCER: If you've decided to have your tattoo laser-removed, there are some things to look for

JEFFREY L. RAND, MD, TATTOO REMOVAL CENTER: You're going to look for the highest level of magnitude, board-certified dermatologist, laser expert, tattoo-removal specialist, does it day-in, does it day-out and does it themselves.

ANNOUNCER: Also, it takes a lot longer to remove a tattoo than it does to get one

JEFFREY L. RAND, MD, TATTOO REMOVAL CENTER: They'll often be surprised that it's not a onetime process. They believe a laser vaporizes, it burns things, it's Star Wars, come in, get your tattoo removed, leave, your tattoo is gone, end of process. I have to explain to them the only way to do it safely is to utilize the latest technology, which breaks the ink down and it's a very gradual and sequential process.

ANNOUNCER: Dr. Rand says you should be wary of promises of success

JEFFREY L. RAND, MD, TATTOO REMOVAL CENTER: Any medical doctor that gives you a guarantee as to total removal or a specific number of treatments is at odds with both the legal and ethical issues of medical care.

ANNOUNCER: And, remember, not every tattoo can be removed

JEFFREY L. RAND, MD, TATTOO REMOVAL CENTER: We turn away certain people. We tell them, Your tattoo is not amenable to tattoo removal. That's part of the process of being honest.

ANNOUNCER: So before you lose your ink, make sure you get the facts

JEFFREY L. RAND, MD, TATTOO REMOVAL CENTER: The question is this: if you made a mistake, perhaps, in putting a tattoo on, one should be doubly certain that you're not going to make another even worse mistake when you choose to have it removed. That is why you should do a lot of research before you trust a physician to do your tattoo removal.

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