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Super frugal Friday: LA Colors eye shadow

Posted Mar 26 2010 2:07pm

We have a local Ben Franklin store in our small town that’s a treasure trove of random finds and knick knacks. I love to wander the beauty section and see what sort of obscure things they’ve managed to dig up recently. I was checking out an end cap when I stumbled across these sets of 5 shadows from LA Colors. The setup and color selections were reminiscent of this set that Jami ( Bionic Beauty ) found at Hot Topic a while back, and she seemed relatively pleased with them so I decided to pick up one or two and give them a shot.  Given that LA Colors is a manufacturer and wholesaler, the odds are probably pretty good that this product and the Hot Topic version are the same thing with different lids on the cases.

I was pretty shocked when I opened this at home and swatched it with my fingertips. The formula is surprisingly smooth and velvety, and the pigment is fairly dense, so you get a nice bit of color with every swipe.  Lighter colors seem to be a bit chalky, especially apparent when first applied with a brush, but once they warmed to my skin and settled a bit the metallic finish really shined through. The darkest color in the Wildflower palette, a sort of berry/wine color, was heavily pigmented, and I learned the hard way that just a dab will do ya. I used these shadows over my favorite primer, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and I just don’t think they’d stay as well without it, since the swatches on my arm rubbed off easily. In the end they actually stayed rather well, with a noticeable wash of color after 17 hours of wear, including a nap. These aren’t going to be your colors for a special event or your big close up, but they’re a fun way to add some variety to your color collection. Oh, and did I forget to mention the very best thing? These puppies only set me back…*drumroll*…$1.59 plus tax. Yes, for about 2 dollars I got 5  decent eye shadows. I’m going to call that a MAJOR score.

If you’re not lucky enough to find LA Colors at your local five and dime, you can pick them up for just a bit more online at Cherry Culture , where they’re currently marked at $3. What a fun and frugal way to try out some great colors to welcome spring!

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