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Spotlight On: Lipomassage by Endermologie and Other Cellulite Treatments

Posted Jun 16 2008 6:13pm 1 Comment

Apparently, even some Victoria’s Secret models have cellulite.(But then again, who knows if this is Photoshopped anyway?:-))

With swimsuit season under way, cellulite treatments fly off the shelves. One dermatological procedure that is popular isLipomassage by Endermologie. According toDr. Leslie Baumann’s textbookCosmetic Dermatology, Endermologie entails the use of a handheld machine that “kneads” areas of a patient that are covered in a nylon stocking (usually buttocks, hips, stomach, thighs) for 35 to 45 minutes.LPG, the company behind Endermologie, claims that the procedure has recently been improved (hence the “lipomassage”) so that results are available in as little as six sessions, although individual results may vary.

The FDA has approved LPG’s claim that Endermologie temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite. Inone company-affiliated, controlled, randomized study done on Lipomassage by Endermologie, it was found that lipolytic (fat-dissolving) activity of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue was increased by 20-35%, with lipolytic activity measured as a result of glycerol production. Unfortunately, I could not find any other new studies on the new Lipomassage by Endermologie. The original Endermologie, however, has met with mixed reviews. For instance, one study inAesthetic Plastic Surgeryfound that seven sessions of Endermologie reduced mean body index circumference by 1.38 cm, while fourteen sessions (twice as many) reduced mean body index circumference by 1.83 cm. And even though Endermologie was granted FDA approval for “temporary improvements” in cellulite, research published in theJournal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeryreported that “the authors do not believe…[the treatment] is effective in improving the appearance of cellulite.”

Still, it’s difficult to determine if the improvements to Endermologie could make a dramatic difference. According to LPG, the new Lipomassage by Endermologie procedure entails three “rotating” steps that distinguish it from the original Endermologie:

• Roll’in: for areas of excess, dense and stubborn fat :body slimming

• Roll’out: for delicate, loose area of skin :firmer skin

• Roll’up: for redesigning the body’s folds : :body contouring

So what is a woman to do? Given the current information on Endermologie, I think I would wait before rushing to the dermatologist’s office for this treatment, at least until more research on the “new, improved” Endermologie is conducted and published. Until then,research demonstrates the following is effective:

  • Maintain a steady weight. Gaining and losing weight too quickly can create irregular gaps of adipose (fatty) tissue in the skin, leading to skin’s bumpy appearance.
  • Improve circulation to the area. This can be done through Endermologie or even simple massage.
  • Reinforce the skin’s collagen and elastin production with retinol. According to a study byDraelos et. al, decreased circulation in the thighs and buttocks eventually leads to increased amounts of enzymes that destroy elastin and collagen (elastase and collagenase, respectively), which in turn lead to the gaps in the dermal structure where fat cells peek through. Retinoids can increase collagen and elastin production over time, helping to prevent future gaps in the dermal structure. I recommendGreen Cream Level 6($43.00, with 0.6% retinol under a hydrating cream, likeOlay Quench Body Lotion($18.64 for two,
  • Consult this old post for more!:-)

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Thanks for sharing this useful & informative article with all of us. Also your website looks is awesome. Keep posting!!
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