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Spagirl Gourmet Mobile Beauty Boutique - Natural Products

Posted Aug 15 2010 12:43pm
Chances are you have not heard of Spagirl Gourmet and your in for a treat! I love sharing these products with women because of how they help not our skin but the fact that we are not absorbing harsh chemicals that are dangerous to our health.

If you are concerned about
the harsh chemicals in so many products you use daily then stop by my website!

What's in the products you use everyday?
Is water the first ingredient instead of aloe?
When the label
reads water as the first ingredient it makes up 70% of the product!
What about artificial colors/dyes, sulfates, parabens, petroleum, -mineral
oil, phthlates, isopropyl alcohol and dea? Parabens alone are linked to breast cancer.

Are the products including the
makeup brushes cruelty-free?

At Spagirl Gourmet you will find products without
the eight major chemicals seen in so many products on the market and at an affordable price!
If you have sensitive skin or allegies this is a great line. So many people break our with rashes due to sulfates and artificial colors and dyes in products which you will not find in Spagirl Gourmet products.

Visit my website to browse and shop products that are unique and healthy.
Read the ingredients and see for yourself what you are getting before you
 Contact me with any questions or if you need help or a suggestion with a product!

Karen Reilly
Spagirl Gourmet Mobile Beauty Boutique
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