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small red itchy bumps on arms, not contagious

Posted by megami_sama

I have been experiencing small bumps on my hands and arms which are mostly red. They are very itchy but when they are scratched they burst and become very painful.

the bumps on my hands are clear, or flesh toned until they are scratched, and then scab over, and the ones on my arms are red. They aren't in any particular grouping. just a widespread, all over sort of thing. the bumps are very small and look almost like chicken pox or numerous bug bites.

I have been told before that they were cause by stress, but they only occur during the summer time and this time I had very little stress factors, although I did have a sunburn on part of the affected area. Also it does not seem to be contagious. Anti-itch lotions (steroid creams, calamine lotions, Hydrocortison) did make the itch lessen, but not entirely go away, and not for any extended periods of time.

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Maybe your allergic to the sun.
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