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Posted by Ebube C.

I woke up one morning last week with small red itchy bumps on my forearms. I am a 27 year old fair skinned Black female and am allergic to anything other than silk or cotton. When I saw these bumps, I  began to get worried because I never had this kind of reaction before when I wore wool or acrylic fabrics. I'd get itchy but that morning, I was not wearing anything that would irritate my skin.

I do have extremely dry scalp caused by psoriasis and i am using the shampoo and scalp treatment. The bumps on my forearms are no longer red but look small brown and flat and appear to look like goosebumps in the light. My parents told me that since it's winter, it might be a form of dry skin so I bought Jergens Ultra healing lotion last night and am waiting for the results.  I'm thinking about buying a psoriasis gel to get rid of dry skin. 

Please help! 


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