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Skin Burning and itchying problem

Posted by zuber

Sir, I have never had bad skin, acne or dermatitis before. I am generally in good health, no existing problems. Since from 15 days iam facing a lot of problem from Skin burning, itchy on outer skin of testis and neck of penis. scrotum skin just seemed to burn and crack - at first it was very raw and the burning sensation was persistent and very uncomfortable. Current Symptoms Redness, raw sensation, prickly feeling from pubic hair being pushed into the follicles - every step I take I feel the hairs over the area rubbing the raw feeling skin - very uncomfortable. The skin feels rough and almost sticky due to this. The surface of the skin looks, when held at the right angle under light, an uneven crack spreading over the.

When ever I take bath water fall on my testis it start burning & also when I touch my testis. Plz help me I could not sleeping due itchy and burning.

I have taken T-Bact Ont. & Benovate Cream.

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How uncomfortable for you. Take a collodial bath in warm tepid water. This will help with the inflammation and provide some relief. Wear cotton undergarments with a loose and when sleeping do not wear undergarments. It is advisable that you seek professional help for your condition if it does not improve.
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