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Skin abscesses and Folliculitis

Posted by xxstimpzxx

When I was 12 (i'm 20 years old now), I started having folliculitis. I went to my first dermatologist then and he said it was because I had to much testosterone, and to wait it out untill I was 18 and it should stop. It started to get worse when I was around 17 years old, and I got my first abscess then. I went to my second dermatologist who said I have dermatitis and the abscess was a side effect of that. He gave me a months worth of tetracycline then. About 3 months later, I got another abscess, and they repeated the process of giving me more tetracycline. I got yet another abscess this time about two months from that, and I went to another dermatologist. They tested my blood and did tests for staph, and MRSA and to be honest I cant remember half of the things they tested for, but it all came back negative. They put me on something stronger, but it turned out I was allergic to it, then tetracycline. I started getting the skin problem on my scalp then, and went to another dermatologist. He said I have Folliculitis, and that the abscesses were being caused by something genetic, and put me on doxycicline. I took the pills for about 5 months, while I was still getting the abscesses and there was no improvement for my folliculitis. I then decided to try a few ideas I had myself, so for two months I became vegan. For those two months, I had no abscesses and my folliculitis was getting better. Though being vegan was just honestly to hard (I was constantly craving meat). Also, when I use to smoke marijuana (from about 14-17) I never had an abscess even though my folliculitis was as bad as it is now. So I hate to say it seemed to stop the abscesses also. I really don't believe its genetic, since trying to be vegan as well as the marijuana seemed to help. The thing is though all of the dermatologists in my area are saying its a different thing, and to be honest at this point I feel as if they just don't want to find the real cause and are throwing medicine at it hoping there hunch is right. It is still getting worse and I am begging to get desperate, any help or insight or opinions are greatly appreciated.
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