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Sexy Carolin “Sexy Cora” Berger Dead After Extreme Breast Implant Surgery

Posted Jan 23 2011 10:30am

Sexy Cora

Ms Berger, a sex film celebrity, had joined the German version of Big Brother last year, where she behaved more and more outrageously. She embarked on a series of breast enlargements in a bid to keep her publicity going. Hamburg prosecutors are investigating her doctors for negligence. Ms Berger was put in an artificial coma on 11 January because of serious complications after her sixth operation, which took place at a clinic in the north German city. It is believed she suffered two cardiac arrests after the procedure to enlarge her breasts from a 70F to a 70G (UK: 34F to 34G). She had wanted to increase the size of her silicone breast enhancements from 500g (18oz) to 800g (28oz) each, Bild newspaper reported.


Trying to hit the record books by placing larger and larger implants has consequences. A 23 year old woman is dead after complications developed with her sixth breast implant operation. The woman reportedly weighted only 106 pounds yet wanted her 500 g silicone gel implants replaced with 800 g implants.

We have discussed here the increased risk that patients accept in targeting really large implant sizes. Sheyla Hershey became the World’s largest implant patient but later developed infection and had her implants removed. She suffered deformity and will need reconstructive operations to limit that deformity.

Ms Berger (who apparently goes by a number of other names) has passed away from pushing surgery to places where it should never had gone. Why she arrested and died is under investigation. Suffice it to say, six operations to achieve a super large cosmetic breast result in a 23 year old woman are extreme.

Better results can be obtained and are obtained in skilled hands using good judgment daily.

“Really big comes with really big risk with breast implants.”

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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