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Self-healing skin now possible

Posted Jan 29 2013 8:39am

The skin is the most crucial part of the body as it safeguards the bones, ligaments, muscles, and internal organs. Aging is the main factor that concerns most of the people. No matter how strong the skin is, sometimes it becomes very hard to restore it to its original state after an encounter with some severe injury. Scientists have been working hard over the years to develop something that would help or enhance self healing of skin. However, they were unable to find out a satisfying solution till now.  

The good news is that the Stanford Researchers claim that they have come up with the concept of creating the first synthetic plastic skin that enables self-healing and developed it which was an impossible task in the past. The notion of using electrical conductivity and self-healing enabled the team of scientists to develop this ultimate and unique solution of healing skin. The researchers stated that chemical bonding is the foremost factor that boosts the healing process. The skin is nothing but hydrogen-bonded molecules that smoothly reconnect themselves. In the similar manner, a damaged plastic manages to bring itself back to its original state. They added small particles of nickel to the plastic skin to enhance its strength. This helps in making the polymer conductive and eventually generates an electrical field. The presence of electricity enables the skin to experience pressure and temperature which is exactly the mechanism that works for the plastic skin.

For testing the plastic skin, the team of scientists cut a piece of material in half using scalpel. After that they pressed the two pieces together with an intention of finding out whether the pieces would get back their strength and electrical conductivity or not. In few seconds, they discovered that the pieces were able to regain their strength and conductivity up to 75 percent. In fact after about 30 minutes, they found out that the piece has restored completely. The scientists then bent, stretched and cut the same piece of material many a times to get a convincing conclusion. The piece was able to withstand the strain alike the first test and ultimately the test was successful.

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