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Sarah Palin's Hair

Posted Sep 07 2008 7:57pm

Sarah Palin must be the most attractive U.S. vice presidential candidate in history. Though she's 44 years old and has given birth to five children she looks as glamorous as any beautiful celebrity. The secret to her healthy, fit and youthful look is very likely her rigorous fitness regiment and healthy diet.

Though she always seems to wear her hair in an attractive updo bun, she surprised most people by wearing it down for the big speech last night.

There's a discussion going on about her hair at the Long Hair Community forum. K. Hepburn asks;

I can't help feeling curious about what kind of a hairstyle that is that Sarah Palin is sporting. I tried to find some pictures of her with her hair down but couldn't find any so far (there may be some on the governor's official website, but that is currently down). All of the pictures I have seen show with the same style of updo, slightly poofed up (backcombed?) at the top of her head, with a rather large mass of hair at the back of her head, that somehow manages to look loose and stay tightly in place at the same time. I'm intrigued to know, for starters, how long her hair really is (I suspect it isn't actually all that long, there doesn't appear to be too much weight in it to me). But if anybody has a clue as to what it is she actually does with her hair to make it look like this, will you please satisfy my curiosity?

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