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Sandy Beach Body Scrub For The Prevention & Treatment Of Body Acne

Posted Feb 22 2011 7:28pm

I have to thank my good friend and Medical Intuitive Julie Lewin for this tip. I’ve been getting a bit of shoulder and arm acne over the last few months which is something I’ve never had before, so I asked Julie what she thought. She gave me a very natural and luscious recommendation for a body skin care routine that I thought I’d pass onto you.

Unfortunately this regime is only good for those of us who live near the beach, because the first step is to find some very fine and unpolluted beach sand. If I was staying in Brisbane I would make a trip up to the Sunshine Coast and collect sand from there. Over the next couple of months while I’m in South East Asia I’m going to be checking out the quality of the sand at the beaches in the area. Hopefully I’ll find some sand good enough to use!


  • Fine & unpolluted beach sand
  • A raw organic oil of choice (e.g. Jojoba, Sesame, Grape Seed, Almond, Apricot, Avocado)
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Tea Tree or Manuka essential oil

What we want to do is mix the sand with an oil and use it as a body scrub. Use whichever oil resonates well with you. I love jojoba oil because it’s so luscious for skin care treatments. Sesame is another one of my favorites to use on my body because it’s excellent at calming down my often very busy vata mind.

Mix the sand with enough oil to feel and act as a good exfoliant – you want to feel like it’s giving you a good scrub without being too abrasive.

After you’ve had your shower or bath and before you towel dry, use the beach sand over your entire body excluding your neck and face. You’ll likely feel super revitalized and fresh after giving your body a good scrub down. Then give yourself another rinse in water and towel dry.

Finish up with placing a few drops of the essential oils onto the palm of your hand mixed with a little more of your chosen carrier oil (e.g. jojoba oil). Briefly rub your hands together then apply the oil mix over your problems areas, whether it be shoulders, arm, chest or back. The essential oils work as a natural anti bacterial and prevention of acne.

I can’t wait to get to the beach next so I can collect some sand! My body is aching for a good deep scrub so I’m looking forward to getting into this routine. If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach get into it and enjoy…

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