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Rose McGowan SVU and Plastic Surgery Overload?

Posted Mar 26 2011 12:00pm 1 Comment

When Rose McGowan appeared on CSI: SVU, questions about her plastic surgery indulgences came back into the limelight with her. Back in 2007, Ms McGowan stated that an automobile accident spurred her interest in plastic surgery. She likely had a fair amount of surgery back then. There has been criticism about the magnitude of change it may have involved, but in a Hollywood starlet this is hardly surprising.

By the looks of the video clips from the show, she seems to be a continuing user of fillers and Botulinium toxins. Her facial movements appear relatively normal, but she might have been featuring a bit of the puffiness that fillers can cause. My general advice is that fillers be used conservatively to limit long term deformity.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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how common is it to have abnormally uneven breast sizes.  My 24 yo daughter has one A cup and the other a C.  Should she have an exam other than the usual during annual obgyn?  Is there any way insurance would pay part of it. Does anyone know?
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