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remedies for armpit rash

Posted by jacquijo

My 16 year old son is in need of help for a rash that has developed in each of his armpits. He needs to wear anti-perspirant, but they recently have made him develop a terrible rash. Please help.
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I'm having the same problem, i went to my doctor and he gave me a cream, but it doesn't work.  I've heard of a few other cases of the arm pit rash popping up. I had a co-worker who said her mother had it, her doctor gave her a bunch of creams, they didn't work.. so then she tried a oil remedie.. and it worked. Trying to find the recipe on line but having trouble.  If anybody has happen to come across an all natural oils remedie receipe for rashes.. please let me know.
We actually found something that so far has worked. We put some anti-itch allergy cream on and it worked. He hasn't had any itching or burning since.
I finally found a cure that works to get rid of the armpit rash.  I had the rash for about a year, creams, powders didn't work.. but what did work, was the Aloe Vera plant.  Its gotta be strait from the plant. 3 times a day. my rash had dissapeared within 4 days.
Oh also as soon as you get rid of the rash with the the aloe vera, do not go back to wearing deoderant, the rash will return.. but if you use the cyrstal, which is found in the deoderant section, that will take care of the sweating and the smell.. I was AMAZED by the crystal.  I find the Crystal works better then any anti-perspirent or deoderant out there.
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