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Reddish spots on Neck and Pelvis/pubic hair area.

Posted by joncc

I've had these reddish spots on my neck and pelvis for around 4 years. They dont itch. Sometimes they look somewhat faded, other times they are brighter. Knowing that they haven't gone away makes me alittle nervous. Anyone know what they are?

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did u ever find out what this was? i have something that looks exactly like this
I have them too. Believe it or not, it is a fungal infection. It occurs in areas such as the neck, arm pits, etc. Places that excrete the most water. In other words, if you sweat alot and don't properly wash/clean and DRY the area, it will become infected. It is not harmful, and will go away within six months after you start using a fungal cream. Often times doctors (like mine) will reccomend an athletes foot cream. Follow the directions on the medicine and you should be good to go. To prevent this from happening again, (especiallu during the summer) make sure that you keep hydrated and stay cool, and don't forget to wash your body regularly (remember to also DRY throughly, as fungus lives and grows in hot, moist areas). If you follow these steps, the fungus shouldn't return.
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