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red rash on face with weeping scabs

Posted by ghendo

hey guys im 16 years old with the most attractive (not) red rash on my face that seems to be growing scabs that weep 24/7. So far it is only spreading under my chin, but i can see the little red rash dots making there way down and across my neck. At first i was diagnosed with impetigo or school sores and was given an antibiotic, which seemed to clear up the scabs very quickly. But then the two remaining scabs became very itchy and a red rash formed around them and has been spreading like wild fire! the doc has told me to just apply paw paw ointment to the area but it's still spreading and it's itching like crazy!!

If anyone has any idea of what this gastly thing on my face could be please please help!

 regards, Georgia.

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