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Red itchy bumps on forearms, wrists, palms, inbetween fingers ,knees and feet and soles

Posted by Venky


I am a male aged 29 years. I do not have any alleries to any cosmetics or detergents etc. I have had wheezing problem when was in my teens, but not anymore. I have no other diseases.I have developed this itchiness since last week.

It all started on Thursday after a normal daily routiene, i came back home from office and noticed some itchiness in my skin.Slowly within an hour this itchiness which was as big as pencil dot had grown to a size of a big round shaped pill with a slight bump and redness with itchiness. Some bumps might grow as large as a digene pill or 50 cent size.

This was all over my forearms, wrists, palms, upper palms, outside and inside and inbetween fingers,  lower leg, esp on the kness ,behind thighs, feet, soles and between toes. each one was at a distance of 1 cm but cannot be specific on the measurement as they are widely spread but not too many at a time, a group of it comes up and subsides and again new ones form and become red and itchy and then they subside and the next ones. I ignored this and upon friends suggestion i swallowed a citrizen pill and this itchiness and bumps faded completely and there was no evidence for 3 days.

 Then again all this started on the next Monday morning, I guess thats because citrizen's effect lasts for about 3 days. Same situation , so i got a little tense and started to do a check of what all i had consumed (i have no change in my eating habits)or what new things i had touched or so. But I cud not find anything new, all detrergetns , deo s i have been using since long time. then took another citrizen as i had to go to office and all this stopped for another 3 days. That  eveining  I saw a doctor and showed him the pics that i had captured in my mobile cam when these bumps came up and he said that it must be eczema or may be allergy or because of the sudden  weather change hot to cold and cold to hot. But he was no too sure and asked me for a blood test.

I am still waiting for the blood test . But on Friday night these bumps came up again and faded away since i did not scratch . Saturday morning it started out slightly but night is was all red and bumpy itchy .

Since this is happening again and again i am getting too scared if its some internal problem and my body is showing it up in this way.

Please let me know if anyone has been thru this kind of problem ,why it happens and what is the cure and what other check ups should I do .

PS: Its not white or any puss or any acne pimple . it just looks like a mosquito bite a red bumps which after scratching grows as big as a coin .










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