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red (bug-like) bumps on upper arm around hair follicles. Any suggestions?

Posted by champsrider2

I never had a problem with this until i moved from Utah to Florida about 2 months ago.
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The humidity and sweat is most likely causing some inflammation of the folicle.  Exfoliation with a product with glycolic, lactic or salicylic acid a couple of times a week should help.  Follow with a good moisturizer (shea butter is great!).  If it persits or gets worse, see your doctor!

Andrea Stodola

I also get these bumps and have a lot of friends with the same problem. The only thing you can really do is exfoliate with a loufa or scrub and use a good moisturizer after showering. Tanning also helps but I don't recommend it since sun damage causes 90% of visible aging!

Kate Elmore

SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic & Spa

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