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Recently my wife has been plagued with a mysterious rash on her neck, back and chest.

Posted by prof_cabal

Recently my wife has been plagued with a mystery rash on her neck, back, and chest. The rash is itchy, but is sporadic. However, it seems worse at night. We have not noticed her ingesting anything out of the ordinary for her. Her clothing also is normal. She is a type-1 diabetic (47 years) and insulin-dependent. Several years ago she was diagnosed with lymphoma and was treated unsuccessfuly with chemotherapy. She had a stem cell transplant 4 years ago for the cancer and it seems to be in remission. 2 weeks ago she started experiencing painful cramps in her right foot and calf, and was subsequently   diagnosed with  claudication by her PCP. He prescribed trental and she's been taking it 2-3x per day since 3/10. Would appreciate any help you can provide.
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