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Reader Question: What Does A Sebaceous Skin Cyst Look Like?

Posted Jan 05 2010 12:00am

Reader Question:

My doctor says I have a cyst under my skin. I am wondering what it looks like under there. Have you ever removed one of these?


A Sebaceous Cyst or Epidermal Inclusion Cyst (EIC) is a non cancerous growth under the skin. They slowly get larger over time. I used to remove them more frequently than I do now as the economy slows down non-essential surgery a bit. They can usually be removed in the office under local. They can leave a dent after removal so some patients prefer a plastic surgeon do the surgery to help minimize this.

Here are a few images of such a cyst from the skin surface skin (a shoulder) and a picture of the cyst after I removed it. These cysts can rupture and get infected and are easier to remove if neither of these things happens. They can recur. It is easier and looks better if you get rid of it earlier as opposed to later.

Sebaceous Cyst After Removal

Sebaceous Cyst After Removal

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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