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Reader Question: Thigh Liposuction – When You Shouldn’t Have It.

Posted Oct 15 2010 7:19am

Reader Question:

Here is a picture of my thighs that is kinda like the one on your site. You did amazing things for her!!! Do you think there is anything lipo could do for mine?

When talking liposuction, we are talking about a simple procedure that removes fat. In that sense liposuction is massively hyped and oversold. The assumption when liposuction is advised is that you have fat you are better off without. No one spends much time telling you that a thin layer of fat is desirable to keep your appearance attractive. It is of course subjective as to what is too much, but when liposuction is used to treat areas in which there really isn’t much fat one of two things happens: (1) Nothing. (2) Lumps & bumps. Lumps and bumps are not sexy. Just ask this gal .

You have a nice rear view and would be best served by leaving it as is. In this case I would think that you should pass on the lipo.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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