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Reader Question on Injected Silicone Options

Posted Mar 30 2011 10:30am

Reader Question:

I had free silicone injected into my lips about 10 years ago. Needless to say they are now bumpy and unsightly. I am concerned that removing the silicone will only result in another deformity. What are my options?

Lisa Rinna’s revelation that she had had silicone lip injections and sought removal helped bring the subject to light.

Free silicone injections change once they contact tissue sometimes becoming encased in scar and inflammation (swelling.) They can grow larger and harder over time (years) and hurt. Removal is ideal if the loss of the volume wouldn’t produce a bigger problem than the lumps themselves represent. You can’t just cut out tissue that you need to look normal without a good way of replacing it. With silicone injections replacement of that removed scarred tissue in sensitive areas is often the main problem.

Aside from surgery sometimes steroid injections can help with the inflammation to get the injected areas to calm down. Managing the problems that can arise with injected silicone can be difficult, so I would encourage you to see a good plastic surgeon to have the area(s) examined and have your options presented to you.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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