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Reader Question: Breast Implants Only For Saggy Breasts?

Posted Oct 22 2009 12:00am

Reader Question:

My breasts have gone “South for the Winter” after breast feeding two kids. I want them lifted but without scars. If I get breast implants and no breast lift will that lift them up?

The simple answer is “not usually.”

Breast implants placed in saggy breasts without a breast lift procedure produce larger breasts that will sag with time; sometimes very little time. A few times a year I see women who were implanted by other doctors who have saggy implanted breasts a few years from such an “implant only” operation. My suggestion is that you consider a breast lift, perhaps a short scar version (or modified) of a breast lift. Breast lift surgery requires incisions to do the lifting. Not all patients require the anchor scar lift that some women fear however.

What different women consider saggy is relative. Some women don’t need a lift. Others really don’t want one. Just don’t choose implants alone if you need one.

Find a surgeon you can trust and listen to him (or her.)

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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