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Reader Question: Breast Implant Removal Without Replacement

Posted Feb 18 2010 12:00am

Reader Question:

I had breast implant removal (250cc after 23 years) five weeks ago, going from 38D to 38 A/B. I also had a lift at the same time. I understand there was some silicone leakage in my right breast, but had a capsulotomy on each breast as well. Both breasts, individually, look pretty good now. My problem is the left breast is at least 1 cup size larger than the right, very noticeable in a bathing suit or camisole. Any swelling reduction seems to have occurred equally so far in both. In your opinion, what are the chances the left one is that much more swollen. I think my surgeon may have closed my left breast before realizing the leakage required additional tissue removal on the right as they were visibly uneven immediately after surgery. Have you ever seen evening out weeks or months out? I will not get an implant to even it them out and I can’t imagine cutting into the left breast to further reduce it. Please share your opinion. Regards!

Patients often do not realize the full picture before having breast implant surgery particularly re-operative surgery. When silicone implants have leaked into a breast they are not always kind enough to leak evenly. The individual breasts may react differently to that leakage as well. During redo surgery, this reactive scar tissue must be removed to soften the breast allowing a good result. On the next page I will put up the images you sent, so we can flesh out what likely happened.

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