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Reader Question – When Do You “Need” More Than Just Breast Implants?

Posted Dec 24 2010 10:30am

Reader Question:

I want my areolae to be closer in size. Do you think my small one will stretch and get bigger when I do get implants? And would the big one be able to be reduced in size with a crescent lift scar or would it have to be cut all the way around to reduce the circumference? Would it even make sense to just get implants now and see what happens then do a little crescent lift/areola reduction later only *if* I need it? Or better to get it all done at once? And looking at my areola (the color of it and my skin, its shape, etc) do you think my areola scar would turn out ok?

A basic question with any cosmetic procedure involving paired body parts is:

“How close is close enough?” versus “How much surgery is acceptable?”

You have breasts with some differences between them that implant placement alone is not going to correct. If you recall this was one of the issues I had with your “photoshopped” implant prediction collage . That image made your breasts larger and more similar; more than I saw breast implant placement alone doing for you. Does that mean you “need” more than implants? The answer depends in part upon your answer to the question in bold above.

When you have your implants placed, both areolae are going to stretch. Your left breast is going to appear a bit differently than your right because the skin envelopes around each breast are a bit different. The degree to which these things will happen or bother you is difficult to predict. I would probably do the simple implantation surgery and let things heal before doing more surgery. It is difficult to tell without examining you and making some measurements.

If you do want the areola size changed a reduction can be either part or all the way around depending upon how much is to be addressed. Trying to reduce it at the time of implant placement risks it stretching again as your breast skin stretches to accommodate the implants. One of the forms of breast lift surgery might be in order down the line depending upon how the stretching of implantation goes.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD


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