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Reader Question – Lipoma on My Labia?

Posted May 11 2010 12:00am

Inquiry: Hello,
I am looking for your expert opinion on my situation. I have a massive Lipoma located in my left Labia majora. It measures 3cm x 7cm long. It is extremely mobile within the entire Labia majora. I have seen 2 gynecologists and 2 plastic surgeons for opinions and all have differing opinions on how to proceed.
1 Gyne – No way/Not paid by insurance/not touching it.
1 Gyne – Wow, needs to be done in hospital/covered by insurance/high risk of bleeding
1 PS – Wow, needs to be done by a gyne
1 Ps – Booked my for surgery

My concerns are risks of bleeding out and scarring/loss of sensation.

My choices are to go with a Gyne who will try and place the scar within the labia minor in a hospital setting


A plastic surgeon, specializing in the vaginal area, who will place the scar in the natural crease which runs down the labia majora.

Questions – who do YOU think is better qualified to do this? Due to scarring/nerve damage is the scar lower/more inside/further away from clitoris better or worse?

- Dawn (I am in Canada)

On qualifications, it depends upon if you care what it looks (and maybe feels) like afterward. If you don’t care then go to the non-plastic surgeon. On the lipoma in general, take into account that until it is removed you are not certain it is a lipoma. From what you describe, it sounds like the incision can be easily placed away from your sensitive parts.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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