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Reader Question – Breast Implant Size

Posted Mar 22 2010 12:00am

Can u please help me make my decision…I am a 34 B and 12cm base width. I want to be a large c but my nipples are far apart. Should I get mod plus silicones or high profile? Also, what size 375 or 400? I am scared that since I am only 12cm wide that the 400 will be too big (13.1cm width). Would that cause any complications down the road with cc or anything else?

I am 5′6 and 123lbs. Please give me your advice, my Dr is leaving the decision up to me.

My surgery is in a week!

While I appreciate your confidence in sending me your question, understand that having not seen you I have no idea how to answer it.

From that which you tell me I am curious as to whether or not I would even recommend just implant placement (augmentation.) You mention that your nipples are “far apart.” Consider that implant placement alone might make them seem even farther apart. You might benefit from the addition of a breast lift. Trying to decide on 375 versus 400 cc is really not a biggie. 25 cc really changes little. Regarding implant profile, I would need to see you to figure how the different profiles would look. Have you discussed the risk of silicone gel implants versus saline-filed implants?

You need a good discussion with your surgeon before your surgery. I hope you get it.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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