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Reader Laura on Tabatha Coffey and her Breast Implant Surgery Story

Posted Dec 14 2010 10:30am

Reader Comment “Tabatha Coffey has made some claims in her new book about her breast augmentation surgery. First she claims that her implant ruptured an artery. If this had happened wouldn’t she have bled to death by the time she went in for surgery to remove her implants? She also claimed that the implant moved from her chest to her arm pit then onto her shoulder. Is it even possible for an implant to travel up onto your shoulder?”

Gold Coast-born hair stylist Tabatha Coffey – star of US reality TV show Tabatha’s Salon Takeover which is screened on pay TV channel ARENA in Australia – said her implant apparently ruptured an artery and infected her chest. “I had lusted after bigger boobs for years, and then they almost killed me,” the bitchy and foul-mouthed star said. Days after the surgery, her left breast moved up under her arm and onto her shoulder. After extreme pain, she had the implants removed.

Part of this story is likely true, but exaggeration is pretty much certain. Although patients can bleed after breast implant surgery, no one that I have seen or read about has ever died from this. The implants didn’t rupture her artery. It is more far more likely that bleeding occurred after surgery for reasons relating to the operation. Implant migration can happen more commonly with larger implants and/or inexperienced surgeons. Much of this would be more understandable if she turned out to be a smoker. Breast hardening (capsular contracture) and pain after implant placement are more common in smokers and even more common in smokers with bleeding complications.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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