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Reader Laura on Sheyla Hershey’s Infection and Implant Removal

Posted Jul 14 2010 10:00am

Reader Laura’s Comment “The Houston woman who had to go to a foreign country to get implants that are said to be the largest in the world has had to have them removed after developing an infection. She contracted a severe staphylococcal infection after her surgery in June 2010 that had spread into both of her breasts.

She had her breasts enlarged to 38KKK even though she is only 5′3″ but has recently had to have the implants removed as well as possibly part or whole of her own breasts removed due to the fear of the infection getting into her blood stream.”

Sheyla Hershey was able to achieve her goal of having the largest breasts in the world when she had M-cup implants put into place. She soon removed them and downgraded to a smaller size when she learned she was pregnant in 2009.

A severe staph infection reached both of Hershey’s breasts.

She had the augmentation surgery in Brazil, but came home to Houston for help. Hershey says the new surgeon told her she should be concerned for her life. Staph infections can enter the bloodstream and be life threatening. Hershey is also very concerned about losing one of her breasts. She has had to give herself infusions of intravenous antibiotics every twelve hours to fight the infection.

The treatment has helped one breast, but doctors say the other one is still in jeopardy. That would mean that she will not only lose both implants, but quite possibly need to have the entire breast removed.

Doctors took Hershey into surgery on Tuesday morning to remove the implants.


There is a reason we aren’t so keen on really large breast implants in the United States. It is called liability. As we have discussed here before the chance for problems with breast implants goes up quite a bit once the implants get beyond a certain size. There isn’t enough tissue to cover them when they get too large.

Hopefully Ms. Hershey will be able to have some breast tissue salvaged such that she can have some kind of reconstruction later. I have never heard of such an infection being fatal, but her case is unusual.

The Morals of this Story:

Limit your size or accept the risk.


When you can’t get a surgeon in the US to do it, there is a definite reason.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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