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Reader Laura on Scissors Left Inside Woman After Tummy Tuck

Posted Feb 23 2011 10:30am

Reader Laura Comment
A French woman lived with severe pain for months due to a surgical error after a tummy tuck. Her surgeon left a 4 inch pair of surgical scissors. She went back numerous times with pain to her doctor but he just told her it was normal to feel pain after a tummy tuck. I wouldn’t have gone back to a doctor that did something like this and then acted like it was nothing. His comment that he was glad that it had happened towards the end of his career rather than the beginning is appalling. I hope this guy decides to retire and not perform any surgeries from this point forward.

A woman spent five months with a pair of surgical scissors in her stomach after a tummy tuck operation. She only realized what was causing her terrible stomach pains after she saw a piece of metal protruding from her belly button after a coughing fit. The woman in her 30s, named only as Anne, went to a cosmetic surgeon in Lyon in October for an operation to flatten her stomach following two pregnancies. But she began having severe stomach cramps within days of her apparently ‘successful’ surgery. She complained repeatedly to her surgeon at the prestigious Natecia Clinic – but was told pain was normal after the so-called abdominoplasty procedure.

Instrument counts at the end of surgery are standard. Obviously this surgical team missed that scissors. A terrible mistake. In the US, this would make a plaintiff’s attorney salivate…guaranteed money.

BTW – Significant pain is not normal five months after a well-performed tummy tuck.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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