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Reader Laura on Butt Augmentation News Story

Posted Nov 04 2009 12:00am

Reader Laura’s Comment:

Mexican rock star Alejandra Guzman had to be operated on in Mexico after a botched plastic surgery operation on her buttocks. The doctors are trying to remove material that had been injected by someone who may not even be a real doctor. It sounds a bit like she had silicon or some other material injected into her buttocks. There seems to be some worry that she will be paralyzed as well. What would be the safer/more appropriate surgery for someone wanting to enhance that part of their body? Is it ever safe to inject something into the muscle?

The buttocks does not do well predictably with augmentation. This is one of the reasons many docs choose not to do it. Fillers of all kinds have been tried there. Silicone can really make a mess. It can become infected and basically ruin the rear. I saw such a case as a resident. There are no great reconstructive options in that case. It is all damage control. Be careful when considering butt augmentation. The risk is higher. Fortunately buttock lifts seem to do OK.

BTW – This may not count as “botched plastic surgery” as it appears to be an injection in the hands of a novice. This is a buyer beware story! Be careful with your butt or you may not have one at the end….pun maybe intended. ;)

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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