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Reader Laura on Botox To Get Out Of A Traffic Ticket

Posted Nov 17 2010 10:30am

Reader Comment “Is this even possible? If her face was that frozen wouldn’t she have been unable to even talk? Sounds fishy to me but it is an original way to try to get out of a breathalyzer.”

A Canadian woman has been cleared of refusing to give a breath sample after claiming that she couldn’t blow into a police breathalyzer because her face was frozen from Botox injections. She subsequently claimed that she couldn’t purse around the device because of Botox injections she had received 10 days earlier. Moore was charged with refusal to take a breathalyzer test. However, once in court, she presented judge Carol Baird Ellan with a note from the doctor, who had administered the toxin in Mexico, who wrote that Botox makes it difficult for a person ‘to wrap their lips around a straw or wide circumference such as a breathalyzer blow apparatus for up to six months.’

This is conceivable, but I have never seen it. Then again I am conservative with my botulinum toxin injections. A very large amount would need to be injected to disable the lips movement this severely. Maybe she also had too much filler. Then again the whole thing might have just been a cleaver dodge.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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