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Reader Laura on Aisha, the Afghan Nasal Amputee

Posted Aug 30 2010 7:30am

Aisha Injured Nose

Reader Laura’s Question “After looking at her picture do you think there is anything that could be done to improve her nose? Is she at higher risk of infection with her sinuses exposed? What other health risks are there for woman like Aisha who have suffered such horrendous abuse?”

18-year-old Afghan Aisha tried to flee her abusive in-laws in Afghanistan but was caught. A local Taliban commander acting as judge ordered her nose to be cut off. Her brother in law held her down while her husband cut her nose off. She bravely shows her face on the cover of Time magazine and tells her story. She’s not the only woman in Afghanistan that has suffered disfiguring injuries.


Aisha is horribly disfigured and will require a multiple operation reconstruction over months to years to get a reasonable result. These cases are very hard. I heard a plastic surgery group has offered to do the case for publicity, which is nice. The main non-psychological issue relative to having one’s nose amputated like this is drying out the nasal passages. The effects of such a deformation to a person’s psychological well being as you might imagine are worse than this.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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