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Reader Laura on a Changed Madonna

Posted Jan 11 2011 10:30am

Reader Laura’s Comment:

This recent story the Sun is running asks if Madonna has had work done. The pictures they have show her looking swollen & puffy as well as considerably older than her 52 years. The Sun asked a UK doctor his opinion. While listing off the things he think Madonna has had done he says:

“The problem is that while British doctors like me tend to use half a syringe or at most one syringe of filler, often US doctors use up to two syringes so the look is more pronounced. ”

Is it true that US doctors use twice as much as UK Drs? Is this recommended? Is there a recommended amount or is it just on a patient by patient case?


Madonna has certainly had work done, but has any of it been recently? Probably.

There are points in the article with which I agree namely the “puffiness” comments. Many docs (although I am not sure about the tendencies in the UK) use too much filler (my opinion of course.) The funny thing is that many patients ask for this overfilled look. I try to encourage my patients to use less filler and they do relative to the clients of other local doctors. Some choose to go elsewhere if I do not go far enough for them. This stuff is personal.

In the use of fillers, there is no universal “recommended amount.” Many doctors use quite a bit more than I do. Maybe their clients like the look. I try to avoid the Trout Pout and the cherubic faces that too much filler seems to create.

Then again, in looking at these Madonna images, she might have just recently had surgery and the swelling/distortion has yet to subside.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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