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Reader Laura Comment on Breast Reduction with Staples Case

Posted Dec 16 2009 12:00am

Reader Laura’s Comment:

A woman went in for plastic surgery and received staples for her breast reduction surgery. She claims that the staples interacted with the immunosuppressant drugs she was given and that now she has large scars from a wound that didn’t want to heal. Is this even possible for staples to interact with medicine? I’ve not heard of staples being used in a breast reduction. Is this normal and/or an accepted practice?

The Record

This case shows you why we need a medical screening process for medical-legal cases. The premise is ignorant. The staples didn’t interact with anything. Now I do not recommend stapled closures for breast reduction surgery but that is because they lead to less attractive scars. I also choose my patients carefully.

The primary problem here was likely that the surgeon chose to perform a breast reduction upon a patient in poor health. People in poor health heal less well from surgery in general. Breast reduction surgery can be complicated by prolonged wound healing even in cases in which staples are not used.

The combination of a patient in poor health and a stapled closure probably lead to a poor outcome. Now this all could have been discussed during the informed consent process and we wouldn’t have a problem.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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