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Reader Laura’s Question – How Long To Wait Before Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy?

Posted Aug 17 2009 12:00am

Reader Question:

Daily Mail

How long should new mothers wait before considering plastic surgery? Can a woman ever get her stomach back in shape after giving birth? You see so many celebrities who look like they’ve never been pregnant even after having several children. They have a flat stomach with no stretch marks and claim to have not had anything done. What do you think?

Plastic surgeons were doing “mommy makeovers” long before the term was coined. We just used to wait longer. Now in the pressure to not “lose the case” surgeons are letting their principles fall by the wayside more often. Some of the celebrities to whom you refer are under big time pressure to get things “fixed” to make them marketable in Hollywood quite soon after child birth.

In general I advise my patients to wait until the have stabilized their weight after having children before considering plastic surgery. I also usually advise my clients who are not yet completed with child bearing to take it easy until they are done…meaning save the tummy tucks and larger procedures until after the pregnancies are completed. It leads to fewer trips back to the operating room to fix things. Some celebrities don’t care about the cost and simply go ahead anyway. It is their choice. These are their bodies.

Plastic surgeons all have differing philosophies and being honest costs me money here at times, but speaking the truth is where I always start.

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

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