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Rash during menstruation

Posted by mahenry06

As an infant I had to wear certain diapers because I would break out in a rash. Now I'm a young adult and every menstrual cycle I get a terrible rash caused by the sanitary pads. I've changed brands continuously. It's like a diaper rash or a heat rash. It's very tender, and deep dark red. The surface of my skin is raised, but not bumpy. I get the rash on my lower buttocks near the anus and on my genitals. Is there a link between my diaper problems as an infant and my sanitary pad problem as an adult? What can I do about it? What causes it....etc?
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Sorry to hear about your skin rash issues.  In my practice, as a bio-magnetic practitioner, I've been seeing people with very agressive rashes and they report immediate improvements and in many cases the rashes dissappear.  Email me for more information: or call 714-824-9998
i get the same thing, the last two cycles. i have to stay cool at night as i sweat in my sleep which is added moisture that i dont need. you must change the napkin frequently sence you have sensitive skin like i do. this is a new problem for me, so it really sucks. once my cycle is over i sleep without underware and let her breath and i drink plenty of water since its winter and the heat/therm stay on hell. dont worry hell i wont it will get better. drink water keep it clean and let her breath : )
Diapers and sanitary products are made of the same materials. You can get organic, chemical free sanitary pads at places like Whole Foods, Holistic Beauty, or other heath food stores.
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