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Rash after gall bladder removal

Posted by andruoynisti

About 3 weeks ago I had my gall bladder removed through laparoscopy. About 2 weeks after the surgery I had gotten a few itchy bumps under the glue they had put on, so I started to peel the glue back to let them breathe, thinking that might help. It appeared to for a few days, then overnight it had become about a 3" x 3" area of raised bumps, kind of evenly spread out. (Looks like a basketball the doctor said.) Some of the bumps appear to fill up every now and then. I've used cortisone and benadryl and it only seems to make it spread more. Now it's covering half of my stomach and one side and growing quickly. But it seems to MOSTLY concentrate and originate from the incisions. I've never had a rash to my knowledge, aside from as a baby. The doctor said just keep putting cortisone on it, but I'm worried that's not enough. Please help?
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