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Random dark red itchy bumps. Not allergies, hives, may be fleas but nobody else is getting them. Any help?

Posted by Santa2009

I have been getting little itchy bumps that look exactly like flea bites for the past few months, however they are completely random, and the cats don't have fleas. I have been the only person to wake up with these bites even though I sleep right next to my girlfriend. She has never had these appear. I have had no change in diet, medicine, soaps or detergent and they don't look like hives from an allergic reaction. The bumps are spaced apart, and most of the time they are small, hard dark red bumps with no hole in the center or rings around them. They take awhile to go away (longer than any insect bite I've had) but the itching subsides in a day or two. Any clue as to what this may be?
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