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Purple dots appear suddenly on my chin!!

Posted by Moustafa S. Hashem

Hello, earlier 10 minutes ago before i ask this question i have purple dots, different sizes and one or two are under my lips, they're all around my chin spot. I am 14 years old. not regularly washing my face.


It suddenly appeared on my chin while i was sitting on my computer, once i noticed it i've gone to take a shower immediately I am not sure if they're increasing in size or capacity but after i took a shower some of them became a little big, I can take a picture and upload it if requested.


But i want to know is it normal because of age-growing? I have no one in my family has these purple dots, some of them are flat and some of them are popping out (but not that big.. just a normal/small size)


Do i have to use any some specified kind of skin-cream on my face if this continued? and if so.. which one should i use? please refer a product which is available in Egypt. Also it would be appreciated if i got an answer of what these are!

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