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Product Review: Smooooth Legs Natural Hair Remover

Posted Jul 02 2009 4:30pm

smooth legs I got suckered into buying this terrible product at the Mind Body Spirit Festival on the weekend. I guess it serves me right for believing something so painless would work by actually removing the hair from the root. Lesson learned - there is no natural and painless way to remove hairs from the root.

Smooooth Legs hooked me in by their very clever demonstration. As I walked passed the stall I heard them explaining to women how their system removes hairs from the root so it’ll grow back slower and finer. And as I watched a demonstration I got hypnotized into trying it myself.

Luckily that day I was wearing jeans because my legs were, um, a little bit unkempt! So I actually had some hair to trial the product on. They gave me a VERY impressive demonstration which involved exfoliating my leg quite vigorously in a circular motion with what looks a lot like sandpaper. I was then told that you have to moisturize and they recommended to moisturize with their own product which of course they tried to sell me as well.

The part of my leg they exfoliated actually felt amazingly smooth so that sold me straight away. At that point I totally believed the product worked, and that my hair had been magically and painlessly pulled out from the root. This was enough to convince me to buy the product. Although I didn’t buy the moisturizer because it’s not natural.

But of course it was all too good to be true. I knew by that afternoon that the product was scammy as the patch they’d “removed my hair” from started to get prickly. If they’d actually removed my hair then it would take a couple of weeks to get to that prickly stage. Still I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt so I gave it a good go at home, but the results were even worse. Not only did I find it difficult to achieve that same smoothness that I experienced during the demonstration, but I found it a lot of work to remove all of my hair. In fact, I gave up not long after I’d started on the second leg. Honestly, shaving is a lot easier and quicker.

And then for the next couple of days my skin was very dry and irritated. I had to use a lot more moisturizer than usual and I even got a bit of an itchy rash in the areas that I’d used the product. It’s so not worth it.

I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone. I’m a bit sad it doesn’t work because it seemed like a great option. Even if it did just cut the hairs off like shaving does, I would have been happy to continue using it (because that would mean I could use it while watching a DVD), but the skin irritation just isn’t worth it.

So if you’re walking passed one of these Smooooth Legs stalls, don’t get suckered into it. Unless you want something that can “buff off” a few stray hairs in an emergency situation.

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